4 Telephone sales Closing Techniques

Hi all, When it comes to closing sales on the phone, there is a science behind it. Take your time to read through today s blog in order to learn some effectivestrategies for closing more sales on the phone. We’ve all had sales calls that simply stall out. We’re just not successful in getting the close we want. Here are 4 Sales Closing Techniques you can use: 1. Get the customer to agree on the timeframe for something. One way to find out how serious the customer is about making a purchase is by knowing what their timeframe is. If you can’t completely close the sale, at least attempt to get the customer to share with you what their timeframe is for making a decision. 2. Close the customer on a couple of key features and benefits they do like. By getting the customer to agree with you as to what it is they’re looking for and a few of the key features and benefits, you will be armed now with information to follow up with them the next time you meet. 3. Ask the customer what is ke