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Month: June, 2017

Your Attitude Makes A Huge Difference

Did you know your attitude can impact your sales performance. Find out more at


How Good Is Your Eye Contact?

Most sales are lost due to poor communication which communicates a lack of confidence in oneself regardless if it is true or not.

Eye contact when speaking to people especially clients communicates, confidence a in who you are and what you are saying.

Remember people buy from people they know, like, and trust.

Pay Attention To Non-Verbal Language

Do you pay attention to your clients non-verbal language. Your clients are constantly communicating with you verbally and non-verbally, but if you are not paying attention you will miss it.

How To Respond To Failure

Failure does not exist. Please check out my blog for more information

Are You Focused On Your Clients

Who is more important? The goose that lays the golden egg or the egg. Make sure you focus on your customer/clients if you want to improve your sales performance

Which One Are YOU?

Carefully examine which category you fall into below. It will make a big difference in your sales performance

Have you checked your attitude?

Your attitude will eventually determine your altitude. Poor sales can be a spring board or a downward spiral to an increase in poor sales performance, depending on your attitude.

What is holding you back?

It is not always what you don’t know that holding you back. it is actually what you do know that won’t allow you to think differently, that is what holding you back. Change your perception, change your reality

How To Consolidate The Sale

Most sales are lost because of lack of consolidation. For more information on How To Consolidate The Sale, feel free to visit my blog

Do you know your clients needs?

Making more sales start with you identifying your clients needs, prioritise their needs, presenting your products to suit their needs, establishing a high persistency rating, Building rapport with your clients, Asking for referrals