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Have you checked your attitude?

Your attitude will eventually determine your altitude. Poor sales can be a spring board or a downward spiral to an increase in poor sales performance, depending on your attitude.


What is holding you back?

It is not always what you don’t know that holding you back. it is actually what you do know that won’t allow you to think differently, that is what holding you back. Change your perception, change your reality

How To Consolidate The Sale

Most sales are lost because of lack of consolidation. For more information on How To Consolidate The Sale, feel free to visit my blog

Do you know your clients needs?

Making more sales start with you identifying your clients needs, prioritise their needs, presenting your products to suit their needs, establishing a high persistency rating, Building rapport with your clients, Asking for referrals

Focus On Solutions Not Problems

Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.

Are you focus on finding solutions to improve your sales performance in your business, or are you busy complaining about how bad it is

Are You Building Rapport With Your Clients?

Building rapport is essential if you want to close more sales. When you build rapport with your clients, it makes it much easier for them to like you and trust. People buy from people they feel they know, like, and trust

Are you applying The Law Of Averages?

The law of averages states, the more negative you come across, the closer you are getting to your positives.

Don’t get discouraged by rejections, instead remind yourself it means you are getting closer to a “YES”

How Consistent Are You?

People buy emotional and then use logic to justify their buying decision. Get your customers to buy into you by been consistent in how you engage with them and in the delivery of your product and service. Doing so will help you close more sales

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